Prayer Requests and more:

Last week Cyclone Mocha hit Creative Access-MR and Creative Access-BG. It was the strongest storm ever to make landfall in Creative Access-MR and tied for the strongest storm recorded in the North Indian Ocean. Nearly 500 deaths have been reported, and more than 500,000 people have been displaced. Pray for a large refugee area where we have FM work. Many shelters and homes were destroyed there. Pray for communication to be restored and aid to reach those most needy.
ICCM: Two ICCM schools in Rwanda serve children with special needs.  Pray these children will know they are loved and valued by Jesus and those who teach them.
International Child Care Ministries:  Pray for the young adults who have graduated from ICCM programs.  Ask the Father to help them as they pursue work or further education and, most of all, a deepening relationship with Jesus.
~Praise the Lord for sponsors who faithfully support ICCM children who live in creative access countries.  You can help support “our” children–see the bulletin board to sign up for a month to sponsor one or both of the children.
Pray for the 3,000 enrolled children awaiting sponsors.  Pray they will experience God’s provision.
The church sponsors two children–if you’d like to help sponsor, see the sign up sheet on the bulletin board!
 Or sign up to sponsor a child yourself at:
-Prayers for Children programs  – Prayers for continued growth in our Children and Youth programs here at The Woods.

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