Dive Deeper in God’s Word

We offer multiple Sunday morning small groups for different people in different places in life. These are casual and safe environments where you can explore God’s Word with more depth. These groups are intended to not only be a place to delve into the Word, but also serve as a place to connect with other people like you. Small Groups take place every Sunday morning at 9:15 am.    (Update:  Sunday School Small Groups will be starting at 9:15 am.  This will allow for a ‘Meet & Greet Time’ with coffee and light refreshments in the fellowship hall before church.  Use this time to make some new friends!)  

CURRENT CLASSES:    All starting at 9:15 am
Recorded Sessions

Adult Classes:     Starting Sept. 16, 2018                  

Class:  “Unlocking The Prophetic Mysteries of Israel”           Teacher: Pastor Janet White    
      Room: First classroom on the left as you go downstairs
Sanctuary Prayer Group                                                                          Room: Sanctuary/or Prayer Room
   – A group is meeting in the sanctuary or Prayer Room and having prayer for the upcoming worship service.  Feel free to join them.  Prayer, study and fellowship as they prepare hearts for the worship service.
Class:                                                                 Teacher:  
Room: First Room at bottom of stairs                                                                 
Teen Class:
                         (Grades 6-12)
                                   Room:  Roots Teen Room
Evening Bible Study
Evening Bible Study is finished until further notice.